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Neusight PET CT
is a hybrid company of Positronis the latest innovation from Neusoft Medical Systems

The NeuSight PET/CT is the latest innovation from Neusoft Medical Systems.Combined anatomic and functional imaging with qualified design and technology,multiple molecular imaging function for tumor, brain and heart scanning to fully study the disease. Large port and dual pillar bed to improve patient comfort and scanning experience. Fine technology for data collection provides improved scan speed and accuracy for analysis. Integrated molecular imaging platform with advanced workstation, data management and analysis system. Qualified design, scanning, accurate imaging and multiple functions to satisfied diverse needs in clinic.

PET CT is a 64 slice BGO crystal with 33 detector rings. It has 72 cm patient port. Transverse FOV is 70cm and Axial FOV is16.6cm. Detector cutter size is 4.7×4.7× 30mm.

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